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Kawai Pianos
From generation to generation, the Kawai vision continues. From its humble beginnings in 1927, the company has evolved into a multi-national corporation with nearly $1 billion annually in worldwide sales... employing over 4000 people across four continents.

Kawai pianos have reached the pinnacle of international acclaim. Found on concert stages throughout the world, they continue to be selected by gold medal winners and finalists at prestigious international piano competitions across the globe.

At the renowned Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory, the world's finest master craftsmen strive to extend the boundaries of the piano art form. Day after day, using only traditional hand-crafted methods, these Master Piano Artisans explore new concepts, designs and materials that enable Kawai to continually transcend history's loftiest piano standards.

Since the knowledge gained in this one-of-a-kind facility becomes a part of every Kawai instrument, the Shigeru Kawai Laboratory is an essential part of the Kawai family's quest to perfect the art of the piano.

Kawai has earned a reputation as the technological leader in digital pianos with the highly acclaimed Concert Artist Series and Concert musicians. Having received over ten prestigious international awards for technological excellence, Kawai has become the most decorated manufacturer of digital pianos in the industry.

  • Soundboard is carefully selected spruce and seasoned to perfection
  • Superior action from ABS Styran parts and Kawai's "Ultra-Responsive Action" maintains a consistent touch over time
  • Pinblocks have multi-layers of lamination for strength and tuning stability
  • Neotex key surfaces feel and respond like natural ivory and ebony yet are more durable
  • Exclusive carbon graphite action parts for incredible touch and action stability
  • Choice of finishes include ebony, snow white, mahogany, and walnut
  • Ultra-slow fallboard closing system protects hands
  • 10-year transferable warranty

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