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Bosendorfer Concert Pianos
Bosendorfer is known as the finest made piano in the world. For those who will settle for nothing less than the best, Bosendorfer is the first choice. These magnificent instruments are manufactured by Bosendorfer Klavierfabrik in Vienna, Austria, who began operations in 1828. Not only are they one of the oldest piano manufacturers, they only produce a few hundred pianos annually in order to maintain the highest standards of quality. These pianos are found in the premiere concert halls, music conservatories, and homes of celebrated pianists around the world. They offer unmatched rich, musical tone, and some over 100 years old, still retain their beautiful sound. As a result of limited production, superior materials, and unparalleled craftsmanship, their resale values are unmatched. For example, Bosendorfer chooses wood for their soundboards from Eastern European forests noted for their high quality spruce. Within this region, very specific forests have been identified for their unique musical instrument qualities. From that selection of timber, Bosendorfer narrows its focus to less than 2% of this wood as high enough quality to meet the standards required for a Bosendorfer soundboard. The benefits of this meticulous selection process shows up in the enchanting sounds of these world-renowned pianos.

  • Hand-carved bridges
  • Individually tied stringing system in the treble section for unmatched clarity and stability
  • Polishing and assembling all done by hand
  • Soundboards built from the finest and most carefully selected spruce in the world
  • Use air-cured wood
  • Renner piano action

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